IV hydration therapy is injected directly into the body, bypassing the digestive system to allow direct entry to the bloodstream. As opposed to taking oral vitamins or pills, you need to wait for the digestion process which can lessen the overall effectiveness of therapy. This facilitates the absorption of all nutrients into the body, and you will start feeling the benefits of our hydration therapies in no time. The most beneficial way to increase your body’s ability to restore energy, strengthen your immune system, and promote weight loss is to take weekly vitamins injections. We use FDA-approved vitamins that are produced in the US by top compounding pharmacies.

We do offer home IV Hydration therapy where we go to your place. 



Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin to help fight fatigue. It helps the body form new and healthy cells. It Increases energy and weight loss. Boost immunity, memory, and concentration, and improve sleep. It helps in regulating mood and enhances digestion.

Biotin/Vitamin B7

Enrich nails and hair, improve durability and restore tissue, and support cell growth


It helps reduce the duration of colds and regulate immune function. It positively impacts memory and may diminish the risk of age-related chronic diseases.

Vitamin C

According to NIH (2020), Vitamin C aids in lowering the risk of many types of cancer including breast, lung, and colon cancer. It contains anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting properties.


It’s essential for bone and muscle health. it is useful to the respiratory system. It has anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting properties. It also helps lower blood pressure.


Magnesium Injections help relieve muscle cramps and migraine. Reduce PMS Symptoms, improve sleep, constipation. Fight anxiety and depression, and lower high blood pressure.

Powerful Anti-aging

NAD+ injections to help reverse aging and cellular decomposition. Preserve DNA chromosomes and telomeres. Severe chronic fatigue. Help calm and detox the brain to repress addiction. Improve brain function, focus, clarity, vision, and balance.